New Google Earth iPhone App – Earthscape – It’s Free

September 18, 2008 – 11:57 am

Google Earth iPhone AppIf you have a 3G phone and are looking for a cool, new mapping iPhone app, TechCrunch just turned us on to Earthscape which is free for a limited time through the iTunes store.

You can download it here.

Not only does it have GPS functionality and integration with Google Earth (which includes a 3-year-old sky view of New York City), but it also integrates with relevant entries made by “editors” over at Wikipedia and shows you photos on Flickr taken at any given location.

For example, if a photos has been taken near the Fillmore East’s old location on New York City’s Second Avenue and have been geo-tagged, you would see a marker in Earthscape that you could click for that photo.

It’s a graphical touring book for the iPhone, if you will. Fodor‘s eat your heart out. And, to reiterate, this uses Google Earth (kinda) not Google Maps – a much cooler effect.

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Apple Remote Iphone App Gets Update

September 17, 2008 – 8:49 am

Apple Remote AppAccording to reports by MacWorld and others, the Apple Remote iPhone app has been updated to version 1.1 and includes support for the new “Genius” feature.

If you haven’t tried the new Genius feature yet – make sure you do. We feel like it’s unlocked our library of music by making memorable playlists from the depths of our treasure trove of greatest hits from the 80s.

Now, that the Remote app has been updated, we’ll be able to use our iPhone to manipulate Genius lists on the Apple iMac G4 that houses the gigabytes of music our current iPhone cannot handle.

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New iPhone App – Baby Naming from Neutrinos

September 16, 2008 – 9:26 am

iphone app baby namingIn the category of “You Think You’ve Heard of All the iPhone Apps” comes a new baby naming iPhone app from Neutrinos called “Baby Names“.

It hasn’t been long since the app was birthed in iTunes, but as of this writing, the application has earned 3 out of 5 stars after five reviews.

15,500 Names To Choose From

According to the intro on the $4.99 app, it has over 15,500 names of 130 origins and has social networking features such as list and email capabilities which allows your mother or some other interested party to give their two cents about your impending tax write-off’s name.

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How Do I Make Custom iPhone Icons for My Websites?

September 15, 2008 – 9:15 am

Custom Icons for iPhoneWith a growing list of apps and web bookmarks on the home screen of your iPhone, you may want to “pretty up” some of those web bookmarks and turn them into custom icons rather than settle for a screenshot of the website. You can do this – but only for websites you control.

Keep in mind, the iPhone home screen icon is a different file than the favicon.ico file that creates an image in the bookmarks or on the tabs of a web browser.

iPhone Custom Icon How-To

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New iPhone Firmware 2.1 Update Hangs iPhone – Solution

September 13, 2008 – 2:05 pm

Iphone Firmware 2.1With the important new bug fixes in the iPhone firmware 2.1 update, everyone needs to get the firmware installed.

But, we ran into an iPhone problem when downloading and then updating our firmware. Fortunately, the fix was easy.

The Issue

With iTunes 8.0 already installed, we plugged in our Apple iPhone through the USB cable to our iMac G4. Itunes recognized we did not have the new firmware when we clicked “Check for Updates,” so it offered to download and install it which we immediately accepted.

After the installation, we tried to use the new iPhone while it was still hooked up to the computer. We noticed, for example, we couldn’t get simple weather updates using the weather app that has been in our iPhone since day 1. Also, email didn’t seem to download anything and we couldn’t call anyone.

The Solution

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Hurricane Ike: Weather Blogs on Your Iphone

September 12, 2008 – 3:14 pm

Weather Underground on the iPhoneOne of our favorite blogs formatted for the Iphone is for weather: Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog. This guy knows his weather. Masters co-founded the popular weather site, Weather Underground in 1995 and flew with the NOAA Hurricane Hunters back in the ’80s.

His post today covering Hurricane Ike which is approaching Galveston Bay is thorough and intense with a firm warning that “the hurricane is much larger and more powerful than Category 5 Katrina or Category 5 Rita.” Sobering to say the least.

Masters got his PHD in meteorology from Michigan.

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iPhone App: Yahoo! OneConnect for iPhone

September 12, 2008 – 10:12 am

Yahoo OneConnect for IphoneWe cover iPhone apps here from time to time and the new app coming from Yahoo!, One Connect, has piqued our interest.

There are many IM communication apps out there but Yahoo!’s Instant Messenger’s ability to send messages via text rather than as an instant message has always been helpful. As a result, the user on the other end always gets the text even when they’re not online. AOL’s AIM instant messenger client does not do provide the same feature, for example.

But, Yahoo! OneConnect from Yahoo! Mobile is much more than just an IM app. It achieves which many companies such as Google and Facebook are trying to build not just for the Apple iPhone.

Users have many profiles and instant messaging accounts in their social network world, and they ideally need to be able to integrate with all of them through one client.

According to the Yahoo! Mobile team interviewed by Jennifer Dolcourt at CNET, OneConnect will allow you to: update photos and contacts on and through your iPhone, send status messages at your favorite social networks and send free IMs and text messages.

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Skype for the iPhone: Coming Soon?

September 12, 2008 – 9:05 am

Skype on the iPhoneGiven the flat-rate data plans these days for the iPhone and others, how is the big cheese of free VOIP, Skype, going to be able to survive?

Om Malik interviewed Skype CEO, Josh Silverman, this past week and he claimed that Skype for Pocket PC devices has been very popular with nearly 7 million downloads. Silverman said, “People don’t want just voice, they are looking for presence and chatting [of Skype].”

Malik adds that his recent discussions with telecom operators in Europe reveal that they make more money with Skype-enabled phones than non-Skype-enabled.

Rumors swirl that U.S. telecom operators may be planning their “Skype-killer” VOIP client but nothing has transpired to date.

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