Where Is The Zoom On My Iphone 4 Camera?

December 11, 2011 – 10:44 am

iPhone Camera 4 Zoom problemsHello iPhone 4, 3 or 3GS user.

When your software OS was upgraded recently, did you notice that the little zoom bar went away at the bottom? And, now you’re asking yourself, how do I get the zoom in my iPhone camera to work again?

It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is “pinch” the image as you would any photo you’ve taken and viewed in your photo library.

So, try this:

  • Aim your camera at your subject.
  • With your thumb and index finger, pinch the image on the glass of the iPhone as you frame up the shot.
  • Spread your thumb and index finger to zoom in.
  • Bring your thumb and index finger together to zoom out.


How To Fix Foursquare Notifications On The iPhone

August 21, 2010 – 3:09 pm

This is the problem that I had for a week or two: I could not check-in to Foursquare even though my iPhone appeared to be OK in that every other app as well as call reception was functioning properly.

After playing around with the iPhone, I eventually found a way to turn Foursquare back on on my iPhone so that it would allow me to check-in again, follow friends who check-in, find a location for a cold one, etc.

First, go to the “Settings” app icon on your iPhone home screen and choose General (NOT Notifications – don’t be fooled!!)


After selecting “General,” choose “Location Services”:

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How to Make an On-The-Go Playlist on the iPhone

April 26, 2009 – 12:07 pm

For all the great features on the iPhone, some haven’t made instant sense to me.

Perhaps it was a brain kluge on my part, but it took me a while to figure out how to create a playlist on my Iphone. With my old iPod seemed more intuitive when it came to playlist creation.

Here’s how to make an On-The-Go playlist on your iPhone. Fairly simple stuff after you learn one key idea about the iPhone playlist interface.

To Begin

Navigate to the “Ipod” located in the lower right of your Iphone’s screen.

Click the “Playlists” icon. And then, click “On-The-Go” to begin creating your playlists.

Making a Playlist on the Iphone

When you’re on the “On-The-Go” playlist screen, it should be empty.

Adding The First Song

Click “Edit” and then click the “+” sign.

Here’s the big tip!

At this point, you can now add any song from anywhere in your iPod such as another playlist, or the “Artists” section or the “Songs” section. Use the bottom nav to go between section and add from whatever mode you want.

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How Do I Make A Screenshot of My Iphone? – Tip

April 26, 2009 – 11:11 am

How To iPhone ScreenshotsWith the “2.0” update to the iPhone firmware, users were able to make screenshots of their iPhone.

Here’s “how to” take a screenshot, and then access it. You might also think of this as another way to do “Print Screen” on your computer at home – but on your iPhone.

First, navigate to whatever it is that you want to make a screenshot of.  You should be able to make screenshots of most application states – even games, presumably (prove you got to X level!!).

Next, depress the “lock” button on the top of your iPhone and the “home” button simultaneously.

You should see a brief flash as if a picture has been taken.

Now, that you have made your screenshot, go to “Photos” through the Home screen.

The last photo taken should be your screenshot. Send it to friends, download it and prove that you now know how to make a screenshot using your iPhone.

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Flickr on Your iPhone: New Optimized Site for Photos

October 3, 2008 – 10:11 am

Flickr iPhone Optimized Mobile WebsiteA lot of the news lately has been focused on iPhone apps, but impressive mobile sites are also available and optimized for the iPhone.

The new mobile site on Flickr is focused toward iPhone user with a typically, slick and highly usable Flickr interface. Now if you could easily take your iPhone cameraphone pictures and send them to Flickr easily, that would be perfect.

CNET reviewed the new Flickr site today and points out a great feature which is automatically scaling of photos. One drawback is that you can’t currently navigate between different sizes of the photos on the mobile site. We suggest a work around which is to go to “www.flickr.com” (the main site) rather than the iPhone site “m.flickr.com” if you really want the different sizes.

We like the navigation capabilities that are available when you view individual photos on the iPhone-optimized mobile site. Next to a larger thumbnail of your photo are two smaller thumbnails showing you the next and previous image in the photostream that you are viewing with arrows overlayed on each of the images. If only AT&T’s Edge network would bring the images down a bit faster, we’d love it. Still, this is a great new way to access your photos.

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New iPhone Reading App, Stanza, Overpowers Kindle

October 2, 2008 – 6:37 pm

Stanza Reading iPhone AppThe power of the Kindle as well as the massive investment behind it by Amazon is well-known. Amazon hopes that someday the Kindle will be the de facto source for reading digital eBooks – and likely magazines, newspapers and other periodicals. But, the Apple iPhone has apps and Forbes says Kindle now has a significant new competitor – and due to only three people’s hard work.

According to the article, Amazon is projected to sell 380,000 Kindle units in 2008. The new Stanza iPhone App was released in July and has already been downloaded 395,000 times. On their website, Portland, Ore.-based Lexcycle and its three-person development team, says it developed Stanza to “read eBooks on your Mac or PC and share with your iPhone, iPod Touch, & Kindle.”

Forbes notes the good and the bad of Stanza. On the good side, Stanza is faster than the Kindle in turning pages and in usability. But among the negatives, it’s hard on the eyes and it eats up the iPhone’s battery.

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New Obama iPhone App Takes Campaign To iPhone

October 2, 2008 – 4:33 pm

Obama iPhone AppEveryone is talking about it in the blogosphere, so why not us, too?
The Obama campaign continues to pound away with a relentless digital strategy that has included a popular community destination site, online fundraising, extensive email campaigns and, now, an iPhone app. Download it here.

But this isn’t just an app to get you to read more about Barack Obama. For example, the application cleverly ranks your contacts so that anyone you know in key battleground states such as New Mexico or Pennsylvania will be prioritized and highlighted. Presumably, you will call them to tell them about voting for Obama if you choose to use the app.

IPhone Atlas makes note of the GPS feature which allows you to find out about where the nearest Obama campaign headquarters location is.

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Apple To Exchange iPhone 3G Adapter

September 19, 2008 – 5:15 pm

Apple iPhone 3G USB Adapter RecallAnnounced late today by Apple, the ultracompact USB adapter that shipped with all iPhone 3Gs sold in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico and several other countries in Latin America are being recalled – in the form of an exchange.

If you have a 3G, you can pick up an adapter at an Apple store or sign up online beginning October 10.

To date, only some 3G users have experienced prongs that become detached from the adapter, but Apple suggests that it is taking no chances and making this offer to all 3G users in the affected countries.

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